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Hosting Plans - Small Site


  • Bare bones HTML holding page (no flash or shockwave pages)
  • Up to 3 POP mailboxes
  • Up to 6 e-mail aliases and/or e-mail redirects, and/or Auto-responders
  • 3MB maximum disk space (including stored E-mail)
  • Up to 400MB/month data transfer
  • No FTP access


  • $55 set-up charge (once only)
  • $29.70 per month hosting charge
  • Excess disk usage will be charged at $3/MB/month
  • Excess data transfer will be charged at $4/10MB (daily average) per month
  • $3/month for each additional POP mailbox no set-up charges apply
  • $1/month for each additional alias and/or redirect and/or Auto-responder no set-up charges apply
  • Simple updates - by quotation or $100/hour

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Hosting Plans
Site Saver :
$99.00 per year (gst inc.)

Small Site :
$29.70 per month (gst inc.)

Advanced Site :
$36.30 per moth (gst inc.)

Fully Featured Site :

$77.00 per month (gst inc.)

Email + Domain Name :

$55.00 setup; $158.4 annually
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